Wegmans Employees Wages 2017

Here Would Be 9 facts about Wegmans Employees Wages 2017

  • $34,884will be your salary that the full time employee of consumer service receives on an average or $16.77 for each hour.
  • $62,945 is what a store department director earns on a mean or $30.26 for each hour.
  • $7.56 billion is the yearly revenue of the company.
  • The total numbers of people currently working with the organization are 44,272.
  • You can find 88 stores run by the provider.
  • You will find 6 countries at which the provider has stores that are New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts.
  • The percentage of female employees from their whole amount of employees is 53 percent. 26 % of these respondents are females and 74 % are male.
  • 6 4% employees of this business are working on part time basis.
  • 85% of workers of this company had health insurance. The parttime employees who worked for more than 30 hours every week and employees taking care of fulltime basis are awarded health insurance.

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Some other benefits of working in Wegmans are that you purchase free Snacks and beverages in each shift and reduction ticket sales. You also Get to look after your health with the physical fitness classes and weight watcher meetings.

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